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Default Re: Post pics of your home theater audio setups!

Yea it is cozy.

Damn I just noticed I posted this in the wrong thread. This is the Home Theater audio setup thread. I meant to post it in the home theater pics thread.

Well since I did I guess I can say this Yamaha receiver sounds incredible especially for a $299 one.
The old Onkyo one couldn't decode the new blu ray audio codecs so this is the first time I'm hearing them and they are very nice. Watching Avatar today it seriously sounded like we were in a theater. I had no idea it was going to sound this much better than my older Onkyo receiver, I just mainly wanted it for the HDMI switching. Another added benefit is that the audio dropouts I used to get all the time from Directv seem to be gone. People with Onkyo receivers were having the problem the worst since it took Onkyo receivers longer to recover so a split second dropout would turn into a 1-2 second dropout.
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