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Default Re: OpenCL on FreeBSD

Personally, I prefer FreeBSD over Linux since I'm with FreeBSD since its beginning and was former using UNIX systems like OSF/1, SunOS and DEC Ultrix. FreeBSD has many advantages over a fast and wild growing OS Linux, which, I'm sure', surely has its favourite aspects. FreeBSD performs in many aspects much better when it comes to the point of delivering the CPU's performance to the user, in my and our cases scientists. I regret, that nVidia doesn't support CUDA/OpenCL on FreeBSD based platforms and I was wondering about this fact, is nVidia recently going to willing sto support even natively FreeBSD/amd64 X11 drivers for their magnificant GPUs.
The astrodynamical community shares a lot of code and some packages are based on CUDA as does for some well known thermodynamical radiativ scatter modells for the atmospheres of planetary bodies. But: the Berkeley UNIX systems, mainly FreeBSD, are excluded and are still excluded by intention.

There is a new concept underway. Most BSD systems change course in the compiler used for their base systems, going to distance to GNU gcc and incorporating LLVM/CLANG. As far as I understand, LLVM has the ability of being utilized via plugin device drivers for generating code for a specific GPU. So why isn't nVidia supporting this great concept by offering a kind of BLOB (plugin) providing capabilities of compiling nVidia GPU-specific code from a standard like OpenCL or even CUDA?
My point of view may seem naiv in a way, but the concept of UNIX was to be a independent widespraed platform. But graphics vendors seem to nail down this important thing to only one specific operating system (mainly windows) or Linux. And as a such platform, there should be a way, an easy way, to spend some time and money to provide also for BSD UNIX professional GPGPU solutions.
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