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Default Re: my gripe with windows 7

Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
The different is, If I was one of those kids, I wouldn't try to get more ice cream off the other kid for my own end, to the point where I have so much ice cream I become greedy. If you want a analogy, there is one for you. I'd be happy with what I have, Microsoft are not, like a lot of greedy companies out there.

A billion sounds a lot but it's down to what percentage they give in accordance with your earnings, so I say they give about the same as I do, which would be around 1%. Microsoft and the Melinda foundation are a separate thing, so you're speaking out of context here.

The term 'greed' fits well with Microsoft, you should look it up.
Let's just say your opinion isn't exactly unbiased on this topic and agree to disagree.
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