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Default GTX 570 Review @ Techreport shows up early (and is taken back down)

If you're here from a Google search, our GTX 570 review is HERE. Thanks!

- ragejg, Editor in Chief
The lowdown on the GeForce GTX 570 is pretty straightforward: performance on par with a GeForce GTX 480, power consumption and noise levels on par with a GTX 470, and a price tag of 350 bucks. The card's stock cooler is nice and quiet, too.

We would have liked to see the GTX 570 separate itself from last year's Radeon HD 5870 in several games where it simply could not, such as Bad Company 2 and StarCraft II. Still, in the overall picture, the GTX 570 is clearly a notch above cheaper solutions like the GeForce GTX 460 1GB and the Radeon HD 6870. At high resolutions and visual quality levels in some of the most demanding DX11 games, the GTX 570 cranks out appreciably higher frame rates. I'm not convinced making the leap up to a GTX 570 is worth doing if you're running a single display that's two megapixels or less—including the incredibly popular 1080p resolution. A single Radeon HD 6870 or GTX 460 is probably all you need for a couple of megapixels. If you're planning on playing games on a four-megapixels monster like the 30" Dell on our GPU test rig—and I highly recommend doing so, if you have the means—then the 570 is worthy of a long, hard look.

You can get higher performance for just a little more money out of a pair of Radeon HD 6850s in CrossFireX, and I suppose that's AMD's closest competing product offering right now. But again, the foibles of multi-GPU configs will be in play, as will the stark fact of looming obsolescence with the Radeon HD 6900 series imminent. We said a week ago that we wouldn't pull the trigger on a pair of 6850s right now, and we remain in that holding pattern.

Our final take on the GTX 570 will have to remain a work in progress for the same reason. Stay tuned to this same channel for next week's episode of GPU Wars, when the truth about the 2010 crop of graphics chips will finally be revealed.
Looking good, waiting for Antilles.
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