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Default Re: Droid X on the way

Thanks snowman. I don't manage any servers or anything so I don't see much use for those apps.

Here are the apps I have purchased so far:

LauncherPro Plus
System Info Widget

I have gotten Angry birds and other free apps through the marketplace too. This phone is so awesome. I can't believe I tolerated my WinMo 5 phone for so long. What a POS it was.

The only app I am missing is a Sirius/XM streaming app that will carry Stern. I had an app on my WinMo phone called SelectRadio that worked great. My iPod touch has PocketTunes, another great app, but there isn't one for Android (yet). The app released by Sirius/XM doesn't have Stern due to contractual agreements. Maybe when he resigns he will agree to let them stream his show.
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