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The GeForce GTX 570 is available today at select online retailers for as low as $349, and the EVGA GTX 570 SuperClocked is available for as low as $375. Obviously there are reasons why the SuperClocked edition is more expensive, and all of the m have to do with the performance potential of the card. I'm not very confident that a non-SC GTX 570 would reach the speeds that the EVGA SC did (although I'll be testing out some overclocking on the reference model soon enough...), and a few extra bucks for what could be a good chunk of performance is a small price to pay.

Whatever the case, my use of the reference GTX 570 gave me an outstanding first impression of this new GPU. It is super-powerful, more efficient, cooler and quieter than its predecessors, is most certainly faster than the GTX 470, ... and it very likely trades blows with the GTX 480.

The EVGA GTX 570 SuperClocked is an outstanding graphics card. Overclockable to GTX 580 levels of performance, there's not really any substitute out there for getting $499 performance for $375. The bundle of accessories was comprehensive, EVGA's warranty coverage is awesome... the poster is pretty cool looking... If I am to knock the card or EVGA in any way I'd say "try harder to cover the existing stickers on the card; if you're not careful the reference NVIDIA stickers will still be visible". But in the grand scheme of things that's an admissible quibble, and what I saw may be attributable to being early in the manufacturing run. Back to the positives, this card is cool and quiet, EVGA's new fan profile should make it even moreso, overclocking capabilities are great, EVGA Precision and OC Scanner are very useful overclocking tools, and the company is very visibly involved in the gaming community. So , a bunch of thumbs up to EVGA on a great GPU at the right time, just in time for the holidays.

One cautionary note: AMD is releasing new GPUs in the coming days and weeks, so it remains to be seen how the GTX 570 will stack up given its $349 starting price. Versus the GTX 580 it does look to be a winner as far as price/performance is concerned, but new AMD GPUs could throw a well-placed curveball to NVIDIA during the rest of the holiday season.

Many thanks go to NVIDIA and EVGA for providing review samples, and to Ollie at Futuremark for helping me with my 3DMark issues. Happy Holidays!

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