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Unhappy This is driving me nuts

Hi, thanks for answering

I've done these tests, without success:

1) At first, I was using the kernel distributed with SuSE 9.0. The installer of the nVidia driver package did not find a suitable kernel interface (in, so I installed the kernel-source package and the installer made the kernel interface.
Result: white screen with color blending zones (I suppose that zones are just the malformation of windows drawn by KDE).

2) I ran 'you', updated all packages (including 'fetch-nvidia'), and configured X with sax2, and nothing changed.

3) I have installed RedHat 9 in another partition, and installed the nVidia driver package, and occurs the same! Sh*t!

When I 'startx', or 'init 5', always occurs the same. If I try to kill X server (ctrl-alt-bcksp), the blending zones that appear tend to black (I think it is trying to "draw" the text console). The same thing occurs if I change to a console (ctrl-alt-f#).

And, as I said before, in Windows everything goes right...

Any suggestion? Suicide? Throw away Linux?

huffman salutes you!
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