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I'm a bit biased when it comes to 3D gaming. For me personally it made a huge difference. In fact I haven't been that much blown away since the first time I fired up GLQuake on my new Voodoo based video card. For me 3D is the best thing to happen to gaming for ages. You just feel so immersed in the game. It really does feel like you are part of the gaming world around you.

But like all things, some people aren't as impressed as I am. If you can, I would recommend you go and check it out. Then you can make up your own mind.

By the way the 3D effect is nothing like the old Blue/Red glasses. Even movies like Avatar have nothing on what Nvidia has produced with 3D vision. The 3D effect can be increased or decreased. You can have as much depth and popout as you can handle.
See the bolded. For me personally, the 120hz is something I will no longer do without, love it.

WRT the 3d experience, so far Batman AA, Metro 2033 and L4D are the only games I've tried with it, with the 3d set to about 50% now. I have to say I am truly blown away by this tech.

The only issue I have so far is that I can't change anything to alleviate flicker in my peripheral vision or 3d disables itself. My keyboard is backlit, and as I game with the lights off, I can see it in the bottom of my vision field. Keeping the eyes raised slightly is all I can do.

Batman AA also suffers massive slowdowns to single digit fps, but only during the scarecrow mini-games. Other than that it's just fine. I haven't had time to really tweak the in-game settings to see what exactly is causing that.

So far though I highly recommend it. I also like how the drivers pop up a message for each game you fire up telling you how the game is rated for 3d along with tips for what settings to disable or enable for the best experience.

from me all the way.
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