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Default Re: 2x GTX 570 SLI + Antec 650 PSU - testing

Originally Posted by ragejg View Post
On a whim I'm trying the 570's in SLI. To be safer I de-overclocked everything... I've done a bit of gaming/benchmark testing and thus far everything is holding up fine. I guess I gotta give props to this Antec Earthwatts 650 PSU. The only weak point of this system is the big vdroop on this Asus motherboard...

idle GPU temps are 46... 7-9 degrees higher than with one card.

So how long before I blow a cap?
Don't you have a Kill o watt(sp?)?

I can't give you a direct comparison, but my 480 based rig reads (pc only, no peripherals) 452w while running furmark at stock speeds....yeah, I'd love to see how close you're cutting it.
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