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Default GTX 460 owners unite!

I see a lot of 480s and 580s in sigs here but not that many 460s. Where's the love? My reference evga 460 768 is hands down the best card i've ever owned. Got it safely over clocked 165mhz over stock (its at 840 now), never goes above 67c (usually not even into the 60s, fan at 60) metro 2033 very high dx11 vsync pegged at 30fps. (1680x1050) Warhead pegged at 30 all setting max. Dirt 2 pegged at 60 at settings max. Even Stalker Clear Sky and Call of Pyripat bow to this card. Played Batman Arkham with phsyx on, Mafia Demo with phsyx on. Still 50-60fps vysnc.

All this running off a three year old 500w psu and about the same size as my old 8800GTS. This is card is simply all win.
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