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Default Re: GTX 460 owners unite!

Originally Posted by jkmetal View Post
It'll be interesting to see what the 560 brings. Or whether or not there will even bee a 560. If there is, I could see the 460 dropping down to 150. That would really be something.
Yes, there will be a 560, have a look at this (taken from NVNews' main page):

So... if the information is accurate, 384 cores (the full 8 cluster count) at 725MHz although they went 25W away from the 460's TDP, but as it's the full cluster count... well... it's not that bad, could have been worse :P

So for me, it will be great, not that much of a change from the 460 FTW EE, but from my previous GTX 260 with 216 cores... for sure!
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