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Default SLI GTX 570 SuperClocked or SLI GTX 580 stock for my setup?

Hi, I have a BIG dilemma that I will have to solve today...

I have a C2Q Q9550@3.4, Asus Striker II nForce 780i and 4GB DDR2 1000.
I might possibly upgrade to i7 950, but all depends on my budget.

I have a tripple LCD setup and mostly game in 3840x1024 or 5040x1050 (via Matrox triplehead).

My question is, if I should spend $1040 on 2x GTX580 or $750 on 2x GTX570 EVGA SuperClocked.

$290 means a LOT in my current financial situation, but so does my gaming experience...

I was thinking, maybe my CPU is too much of a bottleneck, maybe even a potential i7 950 would be a bottleneck, but then again, can CPU really be a bottleneck at those insane resolutions?

What would you recommend?

I'm currently in USA and I'm leaving the country in 10 days, so I need to order from newegg today in order to get the cards.

What should I do???
Thanks for any kind of reply!

P.S. I'm upgrading from SLI GTX280.
I play mostly FPS, racing and GTA4.
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