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Default Re: Help with installing EVGA GeForce GTX 460

Originally Posted by MattDee View Post
The gateway website has tons of photos for your model. I found this one.>>>>

Can you tell me on which website you found that? I looked at a gateway website, and found a picture of the "inside" of the computer....but the most detailed it got was, "area 'E' is the motherboard" - no up close shots of specific slots.

And about the power supply thing.....does that mean this graphics card will not work with our computer? I really thought we had done our research and found a compatible one.


This should be your mother board.

I found the information on that website, which appears to be the gateway official site. Have you tried installing your gfx card into the black slot?

If the power supply isn't strong enough then your card will not run. 300w isn't enough. You can open up your computer and look at the sticker on the psu, which is the metal box with all of the wires going out of it. It will say how many watts it produces.
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