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Default Re: My city FINALLY got 3G!!!!

Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
Welcome to the 21st century DD lol.

BTW my city has 4G on Sprint and Verizon is rolling out their 4G here in January...

AT&T's a piece of ****. They have "3G" here but it's so overloaded and spotty no one really gets it. I can't stand AT&T. It seems like they spend no money whatsoever on their infrastructure, yet they don't mind collecting $100/mo from all their iPhone users, who pay for data plans they can't even come close to saturating.

Meanwhile I have unlimited data and 3G speeds practically all over the city with Verizon. And my Droid X devours data.
It's SPOTTY at best. I live in Chicago and I sometimes have no bars.

However, I have unlimited data and definitely use it.
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