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Originally posted by Line01
Thanks Gator.
I guess I should go into more depth for you. I used to have the K7S5A with an AXP1700. I wanted a little more speed, and when I upgraded it to the AXP2600 TBred it burned out the board and took the CPU with it! Very depressing to say the least. I also had a common K7S5A problem where it would forget the bios settings every once in awhile, and niether new batteries nor various BIOS updates helped.

I went with the Asus A7N8X v2.0 (non deluxe) and I'm very happy with it. It's reliable, user friendly, fast (using 333fsb now!) , and now I got dual channel mem. And the Barton2600 is definetly faster than my old AXP1700. Since doing this upgrade, my average FPS in UT2k3 more than doubled, from 35 to 75. My hardware tragedy was depressing, but in the end I guess it was worth it . So yes, if you feel like upgrading your current rig, An Asus NForce2 board + Barton is a good way to do it.
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