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Originally posted by blueworm
I have no doubt that forcedeth is a clean room implementation.
I was think more on the lines of...
If nvidia had gpl'ed nvnet in the first place, nobody would have had to have gone to the trouble of having to write a driver from scratch...
NVidia seems to be suffering the sort of Lawyers who don't quite 'get' the GPL and are afraid it will some how infect all of their IP, and it will all get stolen.

I've had a friend who worked for a company that would not let them use the GNU toolchain on a project but insisted that they buy a commercial C compiler for their 'target' (that didn't work properly) 'cause the lawyers belived that using a GNU tool would infect their entire product line.....

The tech people may very well understand the difference between a programming interface and the full design specs, but the company's legal obviously don't yet.
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