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Default Re: My EVGA GTX 570 SC is hot and loud: How about Your GTX 570?

Originally Posted by Enterhaken View Post
Got my EVGA GTX 570 SC and I must say that I'm not reallly happy. My temps: 46C idle, 89 C under load and the noise sounds for me like a hair dryer. Could You please post Your brand, temps and noise level as I'm looking for a GTX 570 with bearable temps and noise? Or should I change to GTX 580?
What about your ambient temps? Do you get good air flow through your case?

I just got my GTX 570 yesterday. I picked up the PNY version. Under stock speeds, mine stays around 40C idle, 85 C under load (Crysis & 3DMark 11). Although the radiator heat keeps my apartment is a bit too warm though. When I crack my windows and cool my place down to something comfortable, I noticed my idle temps drop to 34C.

As for noise, i'd say it's pretty quiet. Much more quiet than my old 9800GTX that it replaced.
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