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Default Re: SLI GTX 570 SuperClocked or SLI GTX 580 stock for my setup?

Guess what... I bought 2x 580 in the end. I mean, this is how the whole recession started - people living beyond their means and buying stuff they cannot afford.. I guess I'm not a role model. And I paid in cash

Instead of buying the most expensive 570, I went for the cheapest 580 (Galaxy), as they became suddenly available and I got a Mafia 2 coupon with it - a game I wanted to buy anyway.

I'm also planning to upgrade to i7 next year. I guess I have to know...

Man, this addiction to powerfull hardware is killing me!!!

OK, for real now. I've been on before making my ultimate choice and realised, that at resolutions over 3840x1024 the smaller memory with 320bit might actually make a substantial difference. In 5040x1200, it's all about the VRAM. FPS go like 70% from 1920x1200, so CPU stops being the main bottleneck. And trust me, a single GTX 580 is really not enough for surround gaming, if you want steady 60fps.
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