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Default Re: Help with installing EVGA GeForce GTX 460

Originally Posted by MattDee View Post
O.k. here's a couple of pics

In the first picture, the black cord hanging down goes up to the power supply box (or whatever that is truly called). In the second pic., I tried to show how the plug on the back of the card attaches to the motherboard.

This is the card that on the outside of the back of the computer has the two LED lights, red and green, that say "PWR" and "LINK"
It almost sounds like you're describing a NIC of some sort.

Take a picture of the back side of the computer, primarily of the card in question. In an earlier post you mentioned "two phones jacks" and the "PWR" and "LINK" LEDs... this *definitely sounds like a NIC- the jacks *look* like phone jacks but are actually larger, that's an ethernet connection for an RJ45 cable.

Just take a photo of the back of your computer, primarily of the card in question (with the LEDs). That'll give us a better idea what piece of hardware that is.

If it is a sound card, most motherboard this decade have had on-board audio. If it's ethernet, same thing, most motherboards within the passed... 7+ years have had at least one intergrated NIC.
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