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Default Re: VDPAU Problems with Mythbuntu on ION

The mythtv output contains the following:

2010-12-11 08:02:03.657 VDPAU Error: Error at mythrender_vdpau.cpp:592 (#25, A catch-all error, used when no other error code applies.)
2010-12-11 08:02:03.657 VDPAU Error: Failed to create output surface.
2010-12-11 08:02:03.657 VDPAU Error: No presentation surfaces
2010-12-11 08:02:03.658 Failed to create VDPAU render device.
2010-12-11 08:02:03.658 VidOutVDPAU Error: Failed to initialise VDPAU
2010-12-11 08:02:03.673 VideoOutput, Error: Not compiled with any useable video output method.
2010-12-11 08:02:03.674 NVP(0), Error: Couldn't create VideoOutput instance. Exiting..
2010-12-11 08:02:03.674 Unable to initialize video.
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