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After Fallout NV, I feel a lot better about the Gamebryo engine, as it was far more stable than it was with FO3 and Oblivion (and yes, its extremely aggravating that it took four games to get most of the bugs worked out...). That said, they better replace the animation engine and the graphics engine in general (its really showing its age). From a mod standpoint, while it has its quirks, its far easier to work with than Dragon Age or Mass Effect (Mass Effect mods? what are those?). Also, having the same engine since Morrowind has been a plus for the mod community, as it takes no time at all for the usually community tools (script extender, Oblivion/FO3/FNV Edit and the mod manager) to get ported to the latest game. I also expect to see a huge number of oblivion mods updated for Skyrim in short order.

The real problem now of days (based on FNV) is quest bugs. QA really needs to pay attention to that this go around.

Now, I am bias toward Oblivion and FO3/FNV over Mass Effect and Dragon Age. Don't get me wrong, I love ME and DA, and they are far more story focused, but they are also more restrictive in terms of gameplay (i.e class/skill mixing) and environment (multiple closed areas, some of which are only available at certain times) than Bethseda's games. I'm willing to put up with a lot more bull**** for an open world, go anywhere do anything type game than I am for a more restrictive experience. Oblivion and Fallout give the player near total freedom in the game world, and that incurs far, far more technical risk (and far higher bug counts) than games like DA and ME.
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