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Originally posted by Line01
Thanks for the info I was thanking about dropping a 2600xp or 2400xp in my board being the cheaper route but if it could fry it I sure would been upset. Thanks for the warning. So it sounds like the barton 2500 and Nforce board is the way to go. May solve my sound card problems also.
took a look at your other thread

ya know if your gonna get a new board anyway, get the Asus A7N8X Deluxe and that way you'll get the SoundStorm audio. It'll save you money, and it's not as good as Hercules, TurtleBeach, or Audigy2; but it's DEFINETLY better than SBLIVE

Also, if your gonna get an AXP2500 now, make sure your ram is DDR400 or faster, because AXP2500 now has the multiplier locked, so you'll have to up the FSB if you wanna overclock at all
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