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Default Error detected 1 426, 260.19.06, loss of VDPAU v-sync on second monitor

I'm having a problem that I never experienced before. Sometimes mplayer will crash and seem to destroy the vdpau overlay presentation queue. I can tell because I lose vsync on my second monitor (using TwinView). Using the vdpau debug environment variables I see this when starting mplayer.

VDPAU nvidia: Version: NVIDIA VDPAU Driver Shared Library  260.19.06  Mon Sep 13 07:05:35 PDT 2010
VDPAU nvidia: Error detected 1 426 
VDPAU nvidia: Backtrace:
--: /usr/lib/vdpau/ [0xb3a44000] DSO load base
00: /usr/lib/vdpau/ [0xb3a692d8] 
01: /usr/lib/vdpau/ [0xb3a651f8] 
02: /usr/lib/vdpau/ [0xb3a5fd1c]
Using version 260.19.06 with a 9500GT card. Composite is disabled in xorg.conf. Is this issue fixed in the latest version of the driver? Thanks.
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