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Originally Posted by mojoman0 View Post
goofy engine with crap hand to hand combat. We need Project Offset, or the fighting mechanics of Dark Messiah...
This, it's funny how games of old are already out doing games of today, just goes to show you how the consumer is letting "the man" jip them already because of some crappy trailer that shows nothing new.

I'm a fan of morrowind, and Dark Messiah, 2 games ahead of oblivion (my op.) and in most aspects of making a game.

Oblivion seemed like they did a lot of rehashing and tried to save a lot of time by using stuff over and over again. Why can't people that make games, make them like the modders do. Why is it, that modders on their OWN TIME can make better games then the ones we pay money for? Times have changed and only for the worse it seems...
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