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Default Re: Help with installing EVGA GeForce GTX 460

Originally Posted by MattDee View Post
You guys are so smart.

After reading all your replies, I took our computer to a guy who has worked on it before.....that card is indeed a wireless card. According to him, we don't need it. We have DSL and a modem connected to our computer on the back. So we should just be able to take it out, correct?

The other issue is indeed, the power supply. According to our computer guy, he can get us a 500 power supply for $79....then put it in, install the graphics card and drivers and fix our sticky CD drawer for $25 labor. So $104 to get it all taken care of.

My son.......was given the option of downgrading the card to a 9800 series that could run on our computer or pay for the upgrade himself. He chose the latter. Good thing, b/c I'm pretty sure we can't return the graphics card we bought.

So.....I hope it's worth it for him. I just hope our computer is good enough to run the card up to it's potential. The computer guy was talking about the motherboard, external buses......and other stuff that was over my head. But he said it should be good.

I wouldn't be so quick to say we're so smart. I mean, just read some of the posts around here- we're a flippin' crazy bunch.

Smart move going for the new PSU. As to your computer being up to snuff- it should be fine. If he gets a larger monitor with some crazy high resolutions it might start to choke a little... but should still be okay.
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