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Default 4GB or 8GB? (for an AMD system)

I'm still thinking on how much memory I should get for my system, when I build it, that's it, I'm just doing some planning for now...

The thing is... DDR3-1333 got quite cheap here in Spain (at least) and I can get an 8GB kit of DDR3-1333 (2x4GB) @ CL9 / 1.50V from Exceleram (with the Blue Culvert heatspreaders) for around 117 euros, and around half that price for 4GB (2x2GB) on the same settings (CL9 / 1.50V).

So far, with all the games I have, no problems related to lack of memory... and I doubt the coming games like F.E.A.R. 3, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, BRINK and many others will really ask for more than 2/2.5GB of physical memory, but still...

for making a future-proof system (or as future-proof as I can) 8GB would be the ideal option, but I'm also on a relatively tight budget and I don't want to spend more than the strictly necessary with a bit of future proofing.

So... what do you think? Will 4GB suffice for some time (at least for games coming in 2011) or should I really strive for those 8GB?
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