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Default Re: Call for testers: HDMI pass-through

Originally Posted by cehoyos View Post
I had the impression you tested it successfully (which is much better than any "official support" imo).
Yes, TrueHD works (not DTS-HD MA though, which is puzzling as it's carried over hdmi in an identical fashion)..

By not official, my concern is more related to what nvidia will do in the future with it.
My understanding for HD passthrough to work is the requirement for the whole connection chain to be encrypted. Provided the windows driver don't allow the GT2xx to work, does it somehow means that nvidia made a mistake of allowing something that isn't supposed to be allowed and remove it in the future? (hopefully, I'm just paranoid)

Thanks to Anssi I added support in mythtv for HD passthrough last night, still having some things to tweak around but it's mostly there...
Can also extract the audio stream to a file..
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