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Default Re: GTX 580 on Phenom II X4 965BE?

Originally Posted by ragejg View Post
Wow, sheesh, that Legionhardware article was insightful. ... Beating a 4ghz i7 920 in HAWX, Battleforge, Far Cry 2, MW2 & Wolfenstein, tying in Crysis Warhead, a 4.0ghz PhII x4 (a speed attainable even by the less-expensive Phenoms out there) is no small feat. Kinda gives me a warm & fuzzy about my x6 @ ~4ghz.

AMD's AM2+/AM3 tech really has longer legs than most had originally thought, I think.

I'd like to see x3 scaling info. Yeah, I know that most that would buy a GTX 580 wouldn't have an x3, but it'd still be interesting, especially given the fairly high-profile findings by Tom's and some other sites regarding the "dark horse"-ish performance of the red-headed stepchildren of the Athlon/Phenom family.
A 965BE should easily cope with a single GTX580. I reckon it would cope with 2x GTX580 also. I'm running 2x GTX460 + 1x GTX460 SE as PhysX on a stock 965BE.

Check out the articles linked below for how various CPU's scale across various graphical setups and workloads.

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