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Default Re: Custom config + 1900X1200 + 8xQ AA + 16 AF = 60FPS 4 me

You need nvidia inspector.. google and install. Then you need to go into 3dsettings tab pic the game u want SSAA in the list of supported games, most games are in that list. Then select 2x2, 3x3 or 4x4SSAA, the combination modes are there aswell. Also take note that you are also able to choose the more demanding Sparse and Rotated grid supersampling technique which formely was the technique used by radeon and still is. Nvidia up til the gtx 4 and 5 series used/uses Ordered grid super sampling. Anywa, those are also labeled to Sparsegrid SSAA 2x,4 and 8 times. I suggest using regular 2 or 3x3 SSAA.

You might, but am not sure about this thing but you might have to run crysis in dx9 mode for SSAA to work correspondingly.
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