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Default Re: Error detected 1 426, 260.19.06, loss of VDPAU v-sync on second monitor


You have the same first thought as me. In each case when mplayer did crash it left behind a dead process, but I always made sure to killall mplayer and checked that they were all dead before testing again. It was actually some setting in smplayer that was causing mplayer to crash. Running the same videos with just mplayer was ok. I'm using an SVN mplayer by the way, but not at my box right now to give you all the details.

When smplayer caused mplayer to crash I recall it was always some error about the demuxer.

I've been running this exact same hardware and external monitors for the past year with drivers back to the 185.xx series without problems. What are some tests I can perform or traces I can run to determine what process is holding the overlay queue hostage? Thanks.
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