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Default I was wondering ....

My netbook came with XP HOME installed. But there was no installation disk or pendrive included. Offcourse there is a XP HOME ulpc cd-key sticker on the bottom of netbook.

My question is. Where the hell do I get a latest sp3VALID XP HOME image? Not anything pirated becouse these crack themselfs automaticly and I want to be fully valid with that CdKey i got with netbook... Becouse Ive installed win7 on that netbook(via copying my image to pendrive) right after purchase to see how it performs and now would like to get valid again and install XP HOME... (Becouse I have this Win7 on gaming pc and I dont think I can have same windows on both computers without another key right?

I don't think I get all that windowses licenses overall...

So the only thing that validates my windows copy is Sticker with Cd-Key which I have typed during installaton? But does it matter am I using oryginal disc or downloaded image?

I might have not explained myself clear enought but I think You get the point
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