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Default Video playback

So...(Another question)

I am using CCCP as ONLY codec pack I have installed(someone here recommended me it here like 2 years ago)

And Media Player Classic player, defaulting xp or windows7 standard player.

There were always been some issues which started to bother me lately... well not really a problem but I would like to know who else was thinking about this.. or maybe I am doing something wrong.

So how its made on my pc's and what are playback resoults:
-I have latest CCCP pack installed (without their revision of Media Player classic)
-I have MPC set to VMR9(renderless)+Use texture surface and render video in 3D+bilinear+VMR9 mode mixed checked.
Just like on screenshot

Also I am using shader option 16-235->0-255 which makes videos less gray/blend by darkening image grays, making black real black (i think) but it seems bit too dark sometimes... or maybe movies are done such bad way idk.

Also I am having long pauses when playing HD vides like trailers in .wmv from after I switch to another part of video. Its mostly about 10second pause before it starts playing there or it might start audio immidietly and image will join later

besides that color/black brightness and pauses I am satisfied.

what do You think?
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