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Default Re: Gettting a new graphics card

If I may, why the ASUS? I got a HIS 5770 for under $130 after MIR w/free shipping. Not sure what the HIS is going for currently. I favored the HIS due to the design of the HSF- it exhausts most the hot air out the back of your case. That ASUS is just gonna' cycle it back through the innards of the case with only a little making it out the exhaust. That'll heat up the ambient temp.

Really though, these cards run very cool as is so might not be worth thinking about- I always like to keep my components as cool as possible.

This is the one I got. Not quiet as cheap as it used to be... still a better buy IMO due to the cooling solution. Absolutely pleased with my card thus far.

However there's also this one, it'd barely be $120 after tax and shipping. Should run cooler than that ASUS- not by much likely but at least it wont heat up the innards of your case as much.

Depending on the tax/shipping for where you live that GTX460 comes to just shy of $220. Before MIR that HIS I just linked to will be about $150 shipped. After MIR it'd drop to $120. Question now boils down to- is the GTX460 worth $100 more?

Here's a 768MB GTX460 from e-VGA, lifetime warranty. It'd be about $192 shipped, after MIR only $162- far better buy than the ASUS you linked to imo. That extra 256MB framebuffer really isn't worth the extra $60 imo. Besides, the e-VGA does have better cooling.

So now to help narrow it down- what resolution will you be gaming at? What games are you looking to play? Are you obsessed with image quality? Do you have to have everything absolutely maxed? Since you're going with ~$200 cards I'm assuming you can be a little forgiving with image quality.

If it's any help, @ 1920 x 1200 I can play Crysis DX10 100% maxed in-game settings... no AA of course. Drop down to 1680 x 1050 it was playable for me with up to 4xAA... though I know some are more picky than I in regards to framerate. 2xAA @ 1680 x 1050 never once felt the least bit slow. Nothing in my rig is over clocked, I've got everything running stock.

Been a while since I played Metro2033, but DX11 all in-game options maxed save for that one DX11 DoF setting I believe. Think I was even fortunate enough to use a little AA (2xAA I believe, maybe more), @ 1920 x 1200. AvP DX11... 100% maxed in-game settings. I know I could use some AA just don't recall how much.

This is all with a 5770. That cheaper HIS I linked to for $120 after MIR would perform the same.

Now the GTX460 is no doubt faster, but it's not $100 faster. Not imo. The e-VGA would be a wiser buy if you had to go with a GTX460... question is do you need it? How long do you plan on keeping this rig? Will you be upgrading at least your GPU in a year or two?

If you're going to keep it for a while the GTX460 may be the better choice as it does considerably better with tessellation. We're only going to see that used more and more in future titles. So it'll be nice to have a card that'll age a bit more gracefully if you want this to last a while.

See, this was the exact situation I was in before purchasing my 5770. At the time I was running dual 8800GTXs and wanted comparable performance, significantly less heat output and much less power consumed. I very nearly bought the GTX460, but didn't. And I can honestly say I do not regret getting this 5770. However, I am planning a major overhaul for my rig come this time next year. By then both nVidia and AMD will have their 28nm cards out likely, and Intel's new high-end platform should be available. So I don't have to worry about this 5770 lasting me several years though honestly... I think it would. For under $150 after all is said and done well... it's one amazing card.

I know- long post. To help narrow down your options think of these questions:

*.) What resolution will you be gaming at?

*.) What games are you hoping to play?

*.) What is your preference regarding image quality?

*.) How long do you want to keep the card (when do you expect to replace it)?

Those four questions are a good starting point. Answer those and we'll be able to better narrow it down for you.
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