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Default Re: Custom config + 1900X1200 + 8xQ AA + 16 AF = 60FPS 4 me

Originally Posted by FastRedPonyCar View Post
Not really sure what sort of visual differences I'm looking for here... AA on the trees?
LOL? Not really sure? SSAA makes huge difference to regular rendered scenes in terms if image quality. Were not only talking about perfect AA for both objects and trees but also alot crisper and detailed image. For instance, anisotropic filtering is useless when u have SSAA because distant textures are rendered alot further away and compressed, so they will stay sharp the whole way even if u got AF turned off.

What SSAA really does: Makes ya game look like my crysis screenshots. This is what people like M3dude and Logical can't understand...

Your pic looks sweet, SSAA working for sure. But what lvl of SSAA is that taken at?

If i had a rig to handle it, i would run 4x4 SSAA haha, but also 3x3 makes a pretty insane quality impact on just about any game. But in Crysis, SSAA takes the visuals to new levels never comparable to any other game out there.

Originally Posted by FastRedPonyCar View Post
yeah I found it earlier. HL2 cinematic mod is stuttering pretty badly when I set the AA transparency supersampling to 8x sparse grid SS.
Are you surprised? 8x sparsegrid is the most demanding SSAA mode along with 4x4 Ordered grid... Just run 3x3 order-grid SSAA for the source engine dude...
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