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Default *** nV News Perpetual Hot Deals on Games Thread ***

Hello, I thought we'd have a hot deals thread, specifically for games only. We have on in the FS/T forum, but it seems more like hardware, or it should be.

Anyways, Here are some rules taken from The Perpetual Hot Deals Thread, which might have been taken from [H]ardOCP, lol.

  • No auction links such as eBay or similar are allowed (buy it now items are allowed). Do not post classified ads from places like Craigslist or other forums.
  • Please post items only relevant to the Hot Deal thread.
  • All posts should include the item and price and a link.
  • NO FLAMING! ... and no spamming/derailing either.
  • NO: firearms, alcohol, tobacco, controlled substances, pornographic material, gambling, illegal copies of software, and stolen goods of any kind.
  • NO CLICK-THROUGH REFERRAL SITES (i.e. ipods, pyramids.) Your username and IP will be banned immediately.
  • If you disagree with a deal posted here please articulate your reasons in this thread, or PM a moderator.


The purpose of this forum is for people to share hot deals that they find with others. It is not a personal shopper. It is not for you to come here and ask for a good deal and make others do the legwork for you.

If you are excited and you want to brag about your cool new item, please keep the bragging posts to a minimum in this thread, and if you need to elaborate, create a thread in the proper subforum here at nV News.

Links: (Just suggestion for sites to look for)

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