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Default Re: Help me choose a card!

Originally Posted by ATOJAR View Post

Thanks man i will read em.

Ive never owned a ATI card, The only thing that kind of puts me off is ive heard alot of things about there drivers support.
My vote goes to the 6970.

Regarding the drivers, if you've got a long history of nVidia graphics cards then you'll be very used to the Forceware drivers. Catalyst is definitely different- it'll take some getting used to.

First tip: When install drivers *always* do a fresh install. Meaning make certain you fully remove the prior drivers before installing the ATi drivers. Even if you are going to upgrade from a set of Catalyst drivers on your computer to a newer version- FRESH INSTALL... remove the old Catalyst drivers first, then install the new ones. This will spare you many headaches.

Outside of that... you'll likely not experience many issues. I did have a hard time getting older titles, like CoD (the very first one) and MoH:AA to run... had to revert back to Catalyst 10.4 as the games wouldn't run on anything newer. Those are the only two games I've had issues with. Every other game seems to work wonderfully with the latest official Catalyst drivers (10.11).

Mind you, at this moment there aren't any official drivers for the 6970s... any headaches that you *may* encounter will likely be resolved with the next driver release.

Anyhow- for the price you just can't go wrong. The 6970 will be soundly faster than the GTX570 in most games, likely receiving a performance boost with official drivers once those are available. Since they're the same price the 6970 is the only logical choice... it is faster than the 570.
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