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Default Re: [260.19.0x Geforce 310M] Cannot read VAIO EDID (both with and without CustomEDID)

Originally Posted by alexcriss View Post
Driver 260.19.29 seems to work WITHOUT the CustomEDID on my VPCS11C5E. Can anybody confirm this?
Are you sure? I also have a VPCS11C5E and it still doesn't work for me.
I can see the boot screen on the internal display, but as soon as X starts, the internal display turns off and the external display is enabled.

I created a bug report, but unfortunately I couldn't start X with loglevel 6, because I can't switch to another TTY. As soon as I press ALT+F1 the external display turns off and the internal just shows a black screen.

I disabled nouveau by booting with the grub option "nomodeset". Is this the proper way to disable nouveau or may this even be the reason it still doesn't work for me? If so, how am I supposed to make sure nouveau is not loaded?

Bug report attached...
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