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Default Re: Gettting a new graphics card

ok thanks for the advice and to answer your questions
1) as far as games i want to play Starcraft 2, M.O.H., Black ops, and a few older ones plus a couple mmo's but there are going to be some very high end games coming out in the next year or so Crysis 2, mass effect 3, ect. so i either want one that i know will be able to handle it or a cheep good one that i could double up on later easily

2) image quality and resoulition i just want it to look good no real specific setting

3) i want this rig to last a few years at least i dont want to have to replace some things every year if possible

if it would help i can put the specs for the build i am looking at up

oh and if there is any one with a intel retail edge account in good standing i want to know if thay would help me out with getting my processor which i am dead set and will not yield on in return i will get them the same one for free
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