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Default Re: Help me choose a card!

Originally Posted by Fotis View Post
Difficult decision!Its a close call.
The 6970 should be equal in performance with the preoverclocked GTX570 you've chosen but the 6970 has more onboard memory so its more futureproof.
If I were you I'd probably go with the GTX570 but mostly because I've had a radeon card for the past 2 years and I'd like a change!
"Future Proof Graphics Card" is an oxymoron. It doesn't matter what card you purchase it's out-dated in approx. 1 year.

There's no such thing as "Future Proof" unless you're willing to buy new games without the ability to enable all of the graphical features and if that's the case... you might as well buy a GTX260 for much cheaper.


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