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Default Re: Gettting a new graphics card

Originally Posted by thecozz21 View Post
ok thanks for the advice and to answer your questions
1) as far as games i want to play Starcraft 2, M.O.H., Black ops, and a few older ones plus a couple mmo's but there are going to be some very high end games coming out in the next year or so Crysis 2, mass effect 3, ect. so i either want one that i know will be able to handle it or a cheep good one that i could double up on later easily

2) image quality and resoulition i just want it to look good no real specific setting

3) i want this rig to last a few years at least i dont want to have to replace some things every year if possible

if it would help i can put the specs for the build i am looking at up

oh and if there is any one with a intel retail edge account in good standing i want to know if thay would help me out with getting my processor which i am dead set and will not yield on in return i will get them the same one for free
Well, really it does boil down to your expectations. Do you have a monitor for this rig already? If so, what is its native resolution? The higher it is, the more of a difference you'll see between the two cards. Crysis 2 will likely be the most demanding title out of all the titles you mentioned. However, running on the CryEngine3 it should be far more optimized than Crysis since it's going to be released for consoles.

Still kind of a hard call wanting it to last a few years... either choice is a bit of a gamble. nVidia has strong tessellation performance, that could come in handy down the road.

As to the retail edge... you're going for the i7 970 bundle? I was... but just too strapped financially right now, even at that awesome price.
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