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Default Re: Help me choose a card!

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
Name one card from nVidia that is sub $400 that'll offer smooth performance accross three monitors with only one card.

Name one card from nVidia that offers something comparable to MLAA.

Name one card from nVidia, sub $400, that has dual BIOS.

And name one card from nVidia, sub $400 that has the TDP management found on the 6900s.

Stop being such a dumb ass acting like AMD's cards lack features.
1. Link me to some benches showing one 6970 running three monitors well?

2. MLAA? You mean that hacky AA that destroys HUDs?

3. You seriously consider dual bios a feature worth money?

4. TDP management? LOL

Redeemed, that is the lamest set of "features" I have ever seen. What is next? A remote control for the fan called "Astro Thermal Management"? The features NVIDIA cards offer actually dramatically change the gaming experience for the better.

I'll buy EyeFinity being nice, but I bet you still want two to run modern games at 1080P spanned.
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