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Default Re: Help me choose a card!

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
1. Link me to some benches showing one 6970 running three monitors well?

2. MLAA? You mean that hacky AA that destroys HUDs?

3. You seriously consider dual bios a feature worth money?

4. TDP management? LOL

Redeemed, that is the lamest set of "features" I have ever seen. What is next? A remote control for the fan called "Astro Thermal Management"? The features NVIDIA cards offer actually dramatically change the gaming experience for the better.

I'll buy EyeFinity being nice, but I bet you still want two to run modern games at 1080P spanned.
Heres a lamer one:

1: Physx

2: 3D gimmick vision

3: "average TDP 244 watts!" Reality, 350 watts.

4: $530 price tag, less performance for more money than a more than year old 5970!

5: Half rate DP!... which still manages to be less than the competition at quarter rate.

6: 5-10% faster... 50% more money.

Cool story bro.
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