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Default Re: Help me choose a card!

tRollo been raeped.

In his defense, though- 3DVision is awesome- I wish I had the money to afford a 3 monitor 3D setup. Man that'd add a whole new level to games. I'm sure even aged titles like HL1 would look amazing on such a setup.

And PhysX *can* be huge, if a form of it is implemented on the next gen consoles. Furthermore nVidia does own the fastest single-GPU card available. And, honestly, I do prefer nVidia's drivers over ATi's. Though Catalyst is far from a hassle.

My point, I'm not trying to bash any company. But Rollo's blantant bias should be obvious. Rollo, ATi's features are hardly as poor as you imply. nVidia has solid offerings, as does ATi.

If it weren't for EyeFinity you'd not have 3D Surround. You bash and belittle ATi's cards as if they were comparable to a Cirrus Logic 2D PCI VGA. Honestly it boils down to personal preference. Both companies have incredible offerings. ATi' happens to own the priceerformance segment. nVidia dominates in raw power. Both companies have incredible features with their products.
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