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Default Re: Gettting a new graphics card

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
Well, really it does boil down to your expectations. Do you have a monitor for this rig already? If so, what is its native resolution? The higher it is, the more of a difference you'll see between the two cards. Crysis 2 will likely be the most demanding title out of all the titles you mentioned. However, running on the CryEngine3 it should be far more optimized than Crysis since it's going to be released for consoles.

Still kind of a hard call wanting it to last a few years... either choice is a bit of a gamble. nVidia has strong tessellation performance, that could come in handy down the road.

As to the retail edge... you're going for the i7 970 bundle? I was... but just too strapped financially right now, even at that awesome price.
So the nvidia would be the better choice based on what i want and expect?

no monitor yet i figured that would be best chosen last among other things

so do you have a retail edge if so i would be happy to pick up the cost of a second (its only like two something per shiped i hear) if you could order for me
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