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Post Consumer Adoption of 3D and Internet-enabled TVs Still Slow

To anyone 'in the know' this isn't really news, but I'm glad to see the industry waking up and realizing that 3D TV isn't some magical overnight wallet-filling transition.
Reuters reports that Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn told analysts that sales of 3D TVs has fallen behind expectations. Dunn said, 'There was confusion about 3D early (on). It was a little short on content.' A little short is an understatement, and one of the films that could have helped drive 3D TV adoption ' Avatar ' is locked up as an exclusive for Panasonic until 2012.

That Panasonic deal still blows me away.

In addition, things coming to market that seem like great idea (GoogleTV) are currently being quashed by the greed of the industry.
Google's Google TV offerings are also not doing as well as expected on the market. The main reason for this is the fact that most of the major video streaming services and networks blocked Google TV devices from accessing and streaming content from sites like Hulu, Fox, and others effectively killing the benefits of paying more for Google TV.

via DailyTech ' Consumer Adoption of 3D and Internet-enabled TVs Still Slow.

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