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Default Re: Help me choose a card!

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
PhysX and 3d Vision are features that many people desire, that raise the level of immersion greatly in games. I can link to reviews and videos on YouTube that support this, there are now "MLAA revolutionizes gaming!" articles. (only posts about the problems with it on forums)

The only thing AMD has that is comparable is EyeFinity, which is great in it's 3 panel form. I just have serious doubts a single 6970 can drive three 1080P monitors adequately on modern games. I also think I'd rather have two NVIDIA GPUs to drive three panels because they could be 120Hz panels for 3d, and I could have PhysX effects with my 3 panels to raise the immersion in the game. (and ATi has their Display Port limitations as well)

Rollo, this isn't just about games. What if I wanted three displays just for everyday use? A skype display, a tv tuner display and a main display. I would be forced to buy a second 460 right now just to do that. That's a weakness in nv's system. Again, I have three monitors and only a 500w psu. I cannot sli. A lot of people have motherboards that do not allow them to sli. The need for sli is a weakness, no matter how you spin it.

Bios switch? The answer to the question no one outside the AMD RMA department asked. Not many people flash bioses as they can OC cards without doing so.

TDP management? I live in America where my electricity costs eight cents a KWh. So every ten hours I game on a card that uses 100W more than another card, I spend eight cents. Every 1000 hours costs eight bucks. Errr...oh noes? Eight whole bucks! The cost of the tip at lunch or a haircut, pocket change. And yet for years now ATi fans the world over yell about a couple watts of electricity like it was the last straw that put them living in a van down by the river.

A lot of people don't have really beefy powersuppiles, especially those who have brought mass produced consumer desktops. Some people actually care about energy use and their bill. The bill for energy use is not the same everywhere in the united states. Speak for yourself rollo. It breaks down to who can use the cards, without 650+ watt psu.

The AMD feature set IS weak comparatively. There's nothing fan boy about it, it's just a fact.
Nvidia's "feature set" is prohibitively expensive. Surround? Need Sli. Use physx? Need another gfx card with all the space and power requirements that come with it. 3D vision? Special 120hz monitor (buying a new monitor), expensive glasses...
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