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Default Re: VDPAU Problems with Mythbuntu on ION

Originally Posted by jyavenard View Post
It's hard to recommend 260.xx drivers to anyone using mythtv. And to stick to 195.* or 256.*

With 260, there are plenty of visual artifacts, crashes. Playing video with vpdau, if you interrupt it, you end up with the last video frame played in greyscale on the desktop.

Bit regression with 260.
Luckily I found that my GT430 works with the latest 256 drivers
Just as another data point (and not to take anything away from jyavenard's opinion since I appreciate all of his hard work on MythTV), I haven't experienced any visual artifacts or crashes that I could attribute to the drivers. My three systems are all C79-based (GeForce 9300/9400/ION) and I have pretty much tried every beta version that has been posted here since 190.25. I have only had to back out once or twice in all that time.
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