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Default Re: GTX 580 question for a pro :)

Originally Posted by lduguay View Post
For serious audio, i would use the GTX 580 with HDMI audio pass-through. For desktop speakers, I would use the onboard realtek and I would get rid of that Audigy.
This is very interesting. Being a 2 channel audiophile for many years I kind of ignored computer audio & just don't know much about it. I have three stereo systems at home ranging from huge 7foot tall B&W tower speakers with a tube pre-amp and solid state amp, that I listen to mostly vinyl on. To electrostatic speakers, ribbon/planar magnetic hybrid speakers and also one of a kind custom built single driver, no crossover high efficiency speakers driven by all tube electronics. So I have a very open mind about they type of sound I like, depends on what I am listing to and also my mood.

I have (I will post links) a DFI LANPARTY JR X58-T3H6 MB that uses Realtek ALC889 audio chip. My speakers are KRK Rokit 8 studio monitors, these are the original version without the curved baffle, AKA Generation #1.

My video card is an EVGA GTX-285. I was told I can get audio through that card to my two speakers. Remember I will not be doing multi channel, just stereo, no sub at this point either.

My questions are:

#1 Is using the 285 GPU better that my MB audio?

#2 How do I hook it up that way?

#3 Is this better than a high quality dedicated audio card?

#4 Is it better or worse than getting a separate DAC and use my MB to send a signal to it and have the DAC decode the audio?

So basically, what is my best choice for fidelity?

My MB:

My Speakers:

Thank You
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