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Talking HD 6900 Mecha Demo on Sparklevga GTX 580

Radeon™ HD 6900 Series Graphics Real-Time Demo

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» Video coming soon
Mecha Demo [table]
[/table]The HK-2207 real-time demo features a number of post processing effects (depth-of-field, lens flare, ghosting, aerial perspective/atmospheric, LUT, emissive and reflection) provided as an easy approach for developers and artists to adopt Microsoft® DirectX® 11 programming. This demo also uses a current trend in game engines utilizing deferred lighting and deferred shading allowing many more lights and rapid prototyping. A newly developed GPU accelerated physics particle system is introduced utilizing DX11 DirectCompute. Bullet Physics is used with a new fracture/destruction approach that also features procedurally generated unique debris leveraging DX11 tessellation.
[/td][td]Coming soon
[/td][td]» HK2207.exe (655 MB)*

[/table]* The HK2207 demo requires Windows Vista® or above operating system, a Radeon™ HD 6900 Series graphics processor and associated Catalyst™ software, a dual- or quad-core CPU, and 2GB of RAM.


WoW!Very Cool...

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