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Default thanks for the advice

Okay, the information provided there was excellent...I have my whole XF86Config-4 file under my grasp. Now, for just a few more questions:

It seems to me that XFree 4.x doesn't need the Modeline directives under the Moniter section at all...I no longer have an XF86Config file (only -4) and the modelines are not in it, and everything runs fine. What is the main purpose of those lines and if I wanted to add them in, how would I know what to type?

So running with no window manager (just fwm) I get (glxgears program) 4700 fps at Depth 16 at most resolutions using my Geforce3 Ti200 card. Is that good performance or should I expect more?

Finally, Depth 32 seems not to work, but everyone doing benchmarks always talk about 1024x768x32...what is the 32 and why would my Depth 32 have issues.
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